Аккумулятор 64А LADA original


Battery 64A LADA original (Russia). Warranty 24 months.
Battery dimensions: 242x175x190 (length x width x height, mm).
Starting current 620EN.
You can buy LADA original battery from us in Ivanovo.
You can return your old defective used battery with us and get a discount on the purchase of a new one (the size of the discount depends on the weight of your battery).

Vehicles equipped with AKOM batteries (deliveries to the factory)
Kalina, Granta, Priora, Largus, Niva 4×4, Datsun, XRay, Chevrolet-Niva, Granta, Vesta, Renault Captur, Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano, Renault Fluence, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, EcoSport, Fiesta, Kuga, Lada.

The production is equipped with modern foreign equipment using advanced technology «Calcium-Calcium». Its feature is the replacement of antimony traditionally used in battery plates with calcium.
Lattices of plates are made by the plastic deformation of lead to obtain a lead tape, which is perforated and stretched. Such a plate is stronger than the traditional one, less prone to shedding and corrosion.
This technology allows you to fully automate the process of obtaining plates, as well as eliminate the use of antimony in alloys — the most harmful factor in terms of emissions into the atmosphere during the production of batteries.
The Calcium-Calcium technology, the only one of all existing ones, makes it possible to create a battery for the mass consumer that can ensure the performance of a modern car equipped with a large number of energy consumers.

Advantages of calcium batteries:

— the best specific capacity;
— more efficient reception of the charging current;
— stable electrolyte level;
— minimum amount of maintenance.



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